Iqbal Haque
Our Young Leaders in their own words
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What Ethos Young Leaders means to me

Joel Escayg
Iqbal Haque
"I want to be an entrepreneur, to create a business that makes a difference in the world. As I look around me, I see too many people struggling in life and I want to help change that. I would be proud to support those who are in need and to become a good role model for other young people. My vision of the world is one where students and job seekers are no longer struggling to unlock their potential, instead we would have a place where people can bring together their knowledge and skills, to work collaboratively in order to build a better society. At Ethos I am gaining knowledge and an understanding of the different aspects of business. Everyday I am striving to become a better version of myself and to strengthen my skills. One of the areas I have been working in is the development of the aspect magazine website, each week has brought its challenges that I have needed to overcome through problem solving. I hope my experience at Ethos will give me the courage and talents to begin my own future business. "
Joel Escayg
Iqbal Haque
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  • Suzanne Watts

    Helping Ethos communicate their vision of a kinder, safer work place for all and doing work of environmental and social value.

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