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What Ethos Young Leaders means to me

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Hannah Walker
"In university I noticed I was combining many of my passions and skills to improve or promote change. Sparking discussions with people, solving problems, being creative and always learning. I knew I wanted to continue down this road in the world of work and use public relations and marketing to make a positive influence. I wanted to be a positive contributor to society and to do this as part of my career. Since joining the Young Leaders programme, I have been able to work on many different projects. From taking the lead on networking and coordinating content for Aspect Magazine to working on gaining financial support from sponsors for ReadTrip and organising a marketing campaign to boost engagement. I have also developed blogs, product sheets and newsletter content for Sardines. It has been really rewarding to be so integrated into these ventures and be trusted to lead on so much. It has been amazing to tap into my creativity more and take on new work in different projects. I love working with the other Young Leaders and putting our skills together to produce good outcomes. It really has been rewarding to contribute to the goals of all these ventures and overcome problems. Working at Ethos has really helped me to gain confidence over the last year and has confirmed to me that I am capable of things that I was, prior to starting at Ethos, rejected from jobs for. Being a part of the team at Ethos has shown me a different way of working and has given me confidence that things are changing for the better. I have felt a positive change internally and, because of that, I now feel confident that I can jump into the future of work with absolute ease. Coming to the end of my time here, I recently accepted a full time role as an Account Executive for a PR firm and I’m so excited to utilise the skills I’ve learned within Ethos. Working closely with clients and being part of marketing campaigns allowed me to gain valuable experience and ultimately become the successful candidate. I’m looking forward to taking the skills I have learned within Ethos and be a valuable contribution in my new role. Suzanne Watts, Hannah’s work mentor says “I see [Hannah’s] input as invaluable to the Ethos marketing effort - I know she can always be relied upon to do a great job. I feel very secure in the knowledge that Hannah takes full responsibility for everything she does and I can rely on her to continue to execute whatever was agreed months ago with regard to Ethos social media and partner profiling. Hannah is an inspiring mentee with huge self leadership!”
Joel Escayg
Hannah Walker
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    Helping Ethos communicate their vision of a kinder, safer work place for all and doing work of environmental and social value.

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