Co-Venturing & Collaboration

Unlike most business consultancies whose relationships with clients are based on payment in exchange for services and a culture of competition, Ethos co-ventures with its business partners and establishes a culture of collaboration based on our behaviour manifesto, resulting in better outcomes for all.

An integral part of much of our work is to facilitate and develop a successful and sustainable collaborative process for each project, through the development of a central ‘hub’. Our innovative model enables organisations to collaborate across existing boundaries, through aligned purpose, technology & data, and shared processes & business models, with key elements such as team, portfolio and financial management, communications and data handling being centrally guided from the hub.

Key features and advantages of our approach include:

  • improved capability
  • development and sustaining of collaborative behaviours
  • improved risk management and insights into likely realities/challenges
  • early surfacing of expectations, needs, concerns & risks.
  • better relationship building to aid facilitation of successful project communications
  • self-sustaining ecosystem development

In particular, Ethos has a range of capabilities – people, process & technology –  that add value to many dimensions in the domain of building effective hubs around complex multi-stakeholder issues such as public service funding cuts (see video below about our work in Reading) and skills gaps.

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