Ethos Behaviour Manifesto

Since the Ethos journey began in 1999, we have been experimenting in the Future of Work and we have learned a lot about the behaviours that work (and those that do not!)


Collaboration We seek collaboration, we don’t want silos. We must align with our fellow humans regularly; it benefits all.

Trust We are an open organisation, we want to “work out loud” and always start from a position of trust. You are responsible for your words and personal data. You acknowledge you have given permission to Ethos to share your data with Ethos volunteers and partners via the platform. You commit to not share (download / copy etc.) any information outside our platform without written permission. You are in control of your words and data so be sure to lock down / remove what you are not happy to share.

Moderation of self interest is a legitimate behaviour for people and organisations. We always seek to balance and moderate those interests.


We use the Ethos Work Platform to conduct our work. We don’t use emails to communicate internally. Today, we use ClickUp (people, opportunities, organisations, value exchange, work packages), Slack and Google Workplace. When we work with external organisations we encourage them to work with us as on our platform.

Ethos is an active work platform. Each participant needs a current Value Exchange to continue their membership whether volunteer or partner. Value Recognition needs to be at least three monthly.  Individuals not complying with this will be automatically “paused” from participation.

We are kind. This is definitely the best way to get good engagement. It’s an old one but a goodie – treat others the way you would want to be treated.

We respect each other’s well-being needs. When we are well we are all more productive.

We are tolerant and respect diversity. More than this we seek it out.

We have a “no blame” culture. Things go wrong, balls get dropped, what matters in these instances is finding the solution and moving forward and learning. If something goes wrong we want to know about it asap and we help fix it.

We permit real flexibility. This can slow things down, but with effective communications and awareness of each other’s availability it is something we accept and promote.

Constructive challenge is encouraged. It can help the organisation develop and grow. BUT it must be done in an appropriate way,  respectful of stakeholders and within the context of your individual value exchange. It can be difficult to define when a challenge is not acceptable, but we encourage you to:- Be sure you have enough context, try to anticipate objections, rehearse, don’t immediately react, be mindful of when and how you raise your challenge and accept your challenge is just that, a challenge, not necessarily the chosen way forward.

We work out loud (WOL) We ask that all partners share what they are doing, update on the progress they are making, ask for help and support when they need it.

We work remotely. This has its ups and its downs. We all enjoy the ups (eg. no commuting) and have experienced all different kinds of downs, it affects individuals differently. We want to help make this the best way to work for everyone, so share your story when it’s not working and we can try and address it. 

We give permission for work to be phun (our spelling) we insist on some phun at work!

It’s OK to leave, we positively encourage it. Ethos is an organisation looking to support individuals through work transition, we often refer to it as helping you go from A=>B. We hope on your journey through Ethos that you enjoy and take with you some of the ways in which we work and share them in the future.

    We encourage everyone to live by these values. If you have suggestions to improve, please let us know.