Claire Borer
Hello - I’m Claire Borer and I support the Ethos mentoring community of practice (CoP). It is my pleasure to share with you my experiences of working on the “Uncovering Your Brilliance” - an Ethos wellbeing programme for Young Leaders:

My Why

If I could have one wish to bring about a change in the world, it would be where everyone, especially teenagers and young adults, realised their mental wellbeing, their innate resilience and to know that they have the capacity to deal with challenges, however hard. Everyone deserves to uncover their potential and fulfil it in ways that are as individual as they are.

The Social Value

Through this programme, I hope to realise the potential of what I do - to reach more young people to help them uncover their brilliance - to go out into the world with more confidence in what they are made of and what they can create.

How I feel privileged to do what I do

As a facilitator of this programme I am always amazed and humbled at what is awakened in the Young Leaders who participate. I love the wisdom they share in the group discussions, the curiosity to question and the realisation that they are resilient, creative, wise and loving people. Working with Young Leaders is a privilege because I find the hardest thing is to get access to young people and to start a conversation with them and interest them in what I have to offer. To hear a Young Leader say to me that my programme has been a revelation - that it has completely changed their outlook - that excites me.