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Suzanne Watts

Ethos’s core values of trust, collaboration and self-moderation are what attracted me to start a Value Exchange Discussion in 2020. In my experience, these value statements are not just for show - they are baked into the Ethos Partnership way of working and living well. I feel passionate about helping Ethos communicate their vision of a kinder, safer work place for all, doing work of environmental and social value.

Working for numerous clients in both the public and private sphere has given me an insight into Ethos’s huge variety of potential collaborators and funders, whether they are government-funded, educational, charitable or commercially-led. My day to day contact with such a diverse range of people of different ages and backgrounds really ticks my boxes. As a seasoned remote worker, being an Ethos partner connects me with people who are not just ‘client contacts’ they are more like friends and family.

The qualifications stuff: I have a post-graduate certificate in Creative Marketing Communications from Bournemouth University and the Marketing Research Society’s Certificate in Marketing and Social Research.