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Serena Haththotuwa

I have had the amazing opportunity to complete an Msci International Relations and Global Issues degree from The University of Nottingham. During this time, I studied in Tokyo, Japan for a year. Experiencing life in Japan, as well as being able to travel to Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Indonesia, has given me the opportunity to understand different cultures, societies and individuals within them. In addition, this experience has allowed me to understand the extent of my privilege.

Being a Sri Lankan-British woman, I realise that many other people of colour and women have not been granted the same opportunites as me. Through my passion of writing, I want to change the ways minority groups are represented in media and create discourse around the issues of inequality in society. I have a particular passion for gender-politics and the liberation of women across the globe.

With Ethos, I hope to use the power of editorial publication through my online venture, aspect magazine, to create discussion about social inequality and injustice - transforming society for the better! I think giving a platform to those who wouldn’t usually have their stories heard is important in shifting society towards being more empathetic, non-judgemental and equal.