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Sarah Fay

I hold a masters degree in Modern and Contemporary Art: History, Curating and Criticism from the University of Edinburgh, graduating in 2020. My interests during my time at university were situated in the ways art and culture intersected with politics, technology and the wider social structures that frame our world. I left my degree and entered the world of work with my eyes wide open to the problems and complexities in our world, and a desire to make a meaningful impact in the world.

People are always at the centre of what I do and I care a lot about the quality of life a person may live. I am keen to make the world a more transparent place, that everyone has the right to be able to understand the structures that govern our lives and therefore have the choice to act. It is not about telling someone to act, but to make sure there is appropriate consent and opportunity for agreement or disagreement.

Outside of my work in Ethos, I am also part of the WEF Global Shapers network. As a Global Shaper I focus on issues in my hub city of Edinburgh such as climate change, the cost of living and homelessness. I am also a writer and illustrator.

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