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Katie Morgan

I have a passion for all things technology and would love to expand my skills in this sector. Technology is forever growing and is being used to accomplish many things. I love computing and learning new skills and to be given the opportunity to be involved in something I have passion for is something I am keen to be a part of.

I left college with a BTEC Level 3 in IT in 2019 to start an apprenticeship, but that went wrong when it was discovered that it was not suited to my higher level of education. I was extremely disappointed so I left to work in hospitality for a couple of years to build my confidence back up. After that, I started another apprenticeship with the Police. I got a lot of administrative experience and my colleagues were great but the nature of the work was very difficult and that affected my wellbeing.

I was on Universal Credit for a few months and then I found the Ethos Kickstart. I was so glad to get back into work. The remote working situation really helped to build my confidence back up again and I would really love to get a hybrid job that allowed me to work at home a day or two a week.

I have always wanted to do a job that enables me to help people, animals or to generally make the world a better place. Ethos has enabled me to do that - I am currently working on an IT project called Bayline which helps people find places to park and that benefits people, businesses and the environment by saving people time and wasting fuel by driving around.

Animal welfare is important to me. I am trying to get volunteering work at an animal shelter. I also love movies and video games.

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