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Joel Escayg

During my time studying Chemistry at the university of Southampton I was able to work in event promotion, waitering and in food preparation. I gained valuable skills from the experience, but my experience in the world of business was limited.

After graduating university in 2020, I struggled in deciding on my career path. Science is still something I am passionate about, however I felt that by not having yet experienced work in a more formal environment I didn’t know what I would enjoy doing and which roles I was best suited for.

Being with Ethos has given me the freedom and opportunity to explore a variety of roles and ways of working. I’ve tried working nights, working mornings and all in-between. I have explored working in: business matchmaking (matching people to who share in Ethos values to Ethos Projects), building a business (I have been a central to our Young Leaders project since inception), social media management (managing and creating for the Ethos Instagram) and online event hosting. This experience has been invaluable to me, being able to contribute on projects with a real social impact while exploring and learning as I go. The Young Leaders project is currently where I spend most of my time and I know that in the near future we will be able to provide more meaningful employment to young people on a much larger scale!

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