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Connor Bradley

"As a young, aspiring entrepreneur, I am looking to work on a professional level with a team of other, like-minded people on social enterprise projects.

Over the past 6-7 years, I have gained a passion for working with people and putting a smile on both clients' and colleagues' faces.

A massive part of my history involves multimedia. Since I was in school I have been building my portfolio and passion for Graphic Design, Photography, Cinematography and Web Design - I love implementing art, animation or whatever is required to achieve what I am looking to create. Alongside my professional skills, I also have a great deal of passion for teamwork and leadership, problem solving and good craftsmanship.

In recent years I have been developing my business mindset. I often look at the places I have worked at or other companies and want to see how they can be improved. I’m also a large advocate for promoting and normalising mental health as a topic of discussion. It is often the foundation to a lot of problems we face in modern day society and tackling that is a priority of mine."


What Connor did next...

Connor left his Ethos kickstart role in August 2022 with a determination to find work that gave him a better scope to use his abilities and passions. Using the business development skills he had learned, he bypassed job ads and made direct contact with an organisation he wanted to work for - but there were no opportunities at the time. Undaunted, Connor was successful in securing another job which shows a lot of scope for him explore his visual design and marketing communications skills. He says:

“I feel the Ethos Young Leaders programme - with its Value Exchange - opens up an opportunity for young people who might not have the life skills or self motivation to do more than they are capable of. I think it's a perfect system to encourage growth.”

Connor Bradley,

Ethos Young Leader Kickstart recruit 2022