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Connor Bradley

As a young, aspiring entrepreneur, I am looking to work on a professional level with a team of other, like-minded people on social enterprise projects.

Over the past 6-7 years, I have gained a passion for working with people and putting a smile on both clients and colleagues faces.

A massive part of my history involves multimedia. Since I was in school I have been building my portfolio and passion for:

Graphic Design



Web Design

My core focus is Graphics and Cinema but i also love implementing art, animation or whatever is required to achieve what I am looking to make.

Alongside my Professions, I also have a great deal of passion for:

Teamwork and Leadership.

Problem solving.


Good craftsmanship.

In recent years I have been developing my business mindset. I often look at the places I have worked at or other companies and want to see how they can be improved. I’m also a large advocate for promoting and normalising mental health as a topic of discussion. It is often the foundation to a lot of problems we face in modern day society and tackling that is a priority of mine.