Michael Haupt

The Valley of Grace

I’ve dedicated the last 20+ years of my life to learning, practising and perfecting the skills and knowledge required for what many are now calling a #TimeBetweenWorlds.

That’s the space of uncertainty during a period of discontinuity – or gap – between the inevitable ending of one social order and the emergence of the next. Some are referring to this time as:
✅ The polycrisis;
✅ The metacrisis;
✅ The interregnum, or;
✅ A liminal space.

“The crisis consists precisely in the fact that the old is dying and the new cannot be born; in this interregnum, a great variety of morbid symptoms appear.” – Antonio Gramsci in his 1930 book, ‘Prison Notebooks’.

Isn’t ‘morbid symptoms’ what we’re experiencing now?

My special gift is synthesizing HOW the powerful force that has driven planetary progress for billions of years can guide us. It’s called the Evolutionary Impulse (EI), and it creates Major Evolutionary Transitions (METs) at key moments in time when there is systemic pressure (like now).

When we understand EI, uncertainty gives way to clarity.

For 20+ years I’ve studied with a wide range of masters, including indigenous elders, religious leaders, evolution biologists, systems scientists, heterodox economists, philosophers, social artists, and misfits. I made the commitment to understand a #TimeBetweenWorlds knowing that it would happen in my lifetime.

Now that the metacrisis is upon us, I’m ready to help wherever I can.

My gift is to help you recognize the weak signals all around us that point to an emerging underlying reality. (These signals are getting stronger every day.) In light of these signals, I can help you shift from a “solution” mindset to a “potentiality” mindset, in a grounded, realistic, yet powerful way.

That’s why I created Liminal School, where we together learn Second Tier Thinking.
For an introduction to this way of thinking, see https://liminal.teachable.com/p/roadmap


What Drives Me?

I’m a solo dad to a daughter who will turn 21 in 2035. I hold an inspiring vision of a post-capitalist #interstructure. For more than 2 decades I’ve been gathering weak signals of this emerging interstructure. Those signals are now so strong and so compelling, that I’ve committed to birthing some form of that interstructure for her 21st birthday in the valley we call home.

The legacy I’d like to leave is a living laboratory and learning hub for rural transformation in the Valley of Grace, South Africa. You can find out more about our efforts here: https://coda.io/@sog/valley-of-grace

What’s your legacy?