Jenny Andersson

Really Regenerative

I am passionate about the fractal potential of place as a critical node in transforming economy, ecology and culture towards regenerative futures. Inspired by the principles that have created the conditions conducive to life for 3.8 billion years, everything we do through our organisation Really Regenerative CIC seeks to realign human economic and cultural systems to those principles – from place.

We are educators – through our learning journeys we support leaders and organisations who aspire to shift their organisations and cultures towards regenerative design and development practice. Our signature learning journey Power of Place has taken more than 500 organisations across UK, EU, USA, Asia and South America through a journey towards creating Places for Life.

We are co-creative partners in shaping inquiries that bring diverse stakeholder groups together to create new visions, narratives and strategies that support long term transformation of systems. Being in collaborative and co-creative inquiry together – whatever the challenges – is the deepest and strongest way for us to collectively step into a new resilient future. Our inquiries have helped shape regional economic strategic narratives, supportive learning initiatives for SMEs who are transitioning to a low carbon economy and food systems change.

One of the most detrimental things we have been doing is to treat every place of the world the same; an endless landscape of ubiquity whereas every place – just like every person – has unique biocultural qualities which, when recognised, enlivened and nurtured create unique viability and vitality to its culture, economy and ecology. It’s time to step away from globalised homogeneity towards regional resilience within a globalised world.

We need new kinds of institutions to support this transformative shift. Our place-based institutions are on a transformational journey: councils that were once philanthropic service providers have to become catalysts for evolution. Private estates are transforming to become centres of learning, development and enrichment. Institutions that once conserved nature might become educators and partners in the next great leap for humankind. Bioregional learning centres that act as independent backbone organisations to steward the process of change are popping up all over the world.

Really Regenerative CIC was created to be one of those backbone organisations that helps shepherd in a regenerative future.