Haleem Clift

Young Leaders

Hey, I’m haleem😁

In my work. I deliver talks and workshops on positive masculinity and Mental health and through my production company, my mission is to Use Media for Good.

Wanna know more? Here goes.

🎥 MEDIA: Today, I work with clients to bring their ideas to reality and support them to ‘Use media for good’. While many producers and production companies are more focused on short-term profits, my primary focus in to utilize media for positive change and make a lasting impact to the lives of Young people. From idea to completed project, I love helping clients, help others.

🎯 My Portfolio: My vast portfolio of ‘original’ projects includes internationally Award-winning films and Podcasts which I create directly for young people. I’ve received commissions and sponsorship from esteemed institutions such as Arts Council England and Mind, and my work has been featured on ITV, BBC News and Asian Network. Clients I have directly worked with Include the University of Reading, The Charlie Waller Trust and Co-Ray Education to name a few.

🚀 INSPIRATIONAL TALKS: Part of my work involves travelling across the UK (and hopefully beyond!) to deliver motivational talks, workshops, and training sessions. I am a leading figure in Positive Masculinity and Youth Mental Health. From corporations and educational institutions to charitable organizations, I engage with diverse clients to spread messages of empowerment.