Deborah A

Holistic Leadership Mentor

Having grown up on 3 different continents, I learned from experience to let go of the idea of ‘normal’.

As a natural born Revolutionary, I struggled for decades to find my ‘place’. I wondered what was wrong with me, why I felt just as out of place as a minister as I did as an engineer, and even in my family of origin and then in my marriage!

I now understand that I was seeking what most spaces lacked – I was searching for psychological safety. 

From the inside out, I truly get how challenging it can be when trying to operate in alignment with your values in a world gone mad. 

It is my belief that if we are to successfully navigate our current metacrisis with optimism, WE ALL absolutely need and deserve genuinely safe places within which to fully self-express!

As a holistic leadership mentor, I help purpose-driven leaders build environments of genuine psychological safety and trust, so they can maximize their unique contribution to the better world we all want to see, while navigating this period of global transition with optimism.