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The Commons Fund (TCF) is looking to achieve it’s mission by working with Philanthropists, Revenue Partners, Charities/Non profits/Community orgs and Corporate Sponsors/Donors.

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Why did we create TCF?

Wealth inequality has sharply divided our global society, worsened by technology and AI replacing many jobs. TCF combats this issue by providing up to two years of transitional income to those affected, helping them find sustainable paths for themselves and the planet.

the organisational opportunity

Organisations today face multifaceted sustainability challenges that span environmental, social, and economic dimensions. These include meeting external stakeholder expectations, addressing HR needs like employee retention, and pursuing business growth opportunities. Amid these considerations, the evolving dynamics of community engagement, often spurred by new business initiatives, market expansions, or legislative changes, cannot be ignored. Achieving a balance in community engagement entails:

  • Effectively showcasing the social and environmental contributions supported by organisations,
  • Ensuring genuine community needs are met without undue business influence,
  • Establishing a clear business rationale for community-focused activities, highlighting their benefits and ROI.
TCF Sponsorship Solution

TCF has created a global network of communities that operate independently of organisational and labour market influences. These communities are united by mutual support and financed through philanthropic donations, allowing members to embark on projects geared towards enhancing wellbeing for people and the planet. During their support period, participants explore sustainable pathways beyond the provision of basic income.

Community-led governance ensures funding directly addresses the most pressing community needs, enabling a focus on projects genuinely important to community members rather than external funders’ priorities. Monthly storytelling captures and aggregates progress across various metrics, providing donors with tangible insights into the impact of their contributions.

Sponsorship Opportunities - How it works

TCF offers tiered sponsorship packages—Gold, Silver, and Bronze—valid for one year from the contract start, with a review set for 2025. These packages differ in benefits, ranging from basic reporting and branding to bespoke strategic engagement and direct project involvement.

  • Bronze Package: Includes monthly updates on global community projects and their social/environmental impacts, along with branding opportunities.
  • Silver Package: Builds on Bronze with additional services like tailored reporting on specific KPIs related to your organisation’s social/environmental goals, enhancing visibility and engagement with targeted community projects.
  • Gold Package: Expands further to include custom strategy development for integrating TCF initiatives into corporate materials, promotional efforts, and direct recruitment and interaction with specific community projects.

Each sponsorship agreement details the allocation between direct project funding and sponsorship contributions, clearly outlined in a Statement of Account for transparency and accountability.

Successful history of sponsorship

In 2010 we created Team Army, now Team Forces, which remained inside Ethos until being successfully spun out in 2020.

Sponsorship table – April 2024

We founded TeamPolice in May 2019, and having successfully weathered the COVID pandemic period, launched independently on 1 March 2023