We have heard this week that the Government has finally decided to implement policy to reduce the consumption of what is colloquially called ‘junk food’. Now being considered as a key contributor to the rise in obesity in our communities, the consequence of longer health issues and the demand on our public health services.

We also know that, as well as diet, being active also helps towards general health, wellbeing and fitness. For many people the idea of running miles, attending the gym (when they reopen fully!) swimming, cycling and any other form of sporting prowess, simply does not appeal or fit in with the current demands on their time. 

TeamPolice understand, and in collaboration with Police Sport UK, are working hard with partners such as Fujitsu, Axon and PCU, to name but a few, to promote sport in policing. Our goal is to encourage everyone in the policing family to become more active in their daily lives, in an effort to improve overall wellbeing.

This is not simply focussed on officers and staff, but also their families, and those of us who have retired – it truly is the policing family. Here at TeamPolice, we’re passionate about sport in policing and encouraging all to be active.

We want everyone to be able to make time to be active, no matter how big or small that amount of time may be. This might be starting to walk with colleagues at lunchtime, or putting some oil on that bike in the back of the garage and cycle once or twice a week to get some shopping.

We also focus on supporting sport in policing from team sports to elite sports, something that has in the past been prominent for both individuals and teams. This could be help with funds for equipment, facilities and organisational needs as examples.

Now of course for sport these are challenging times, but we are looking forward to the time when we can restart sporting events and invite spectators, and once again celebrate health and wellbeing in policing.

To find out more and get involved contact me [email protected] or visit teampolice.uk