Claire Borer
The Ethos Place tech team has partnered with specialist consultancy firm, Intensive Engagement (IE) to further their aim to develop safer, stronger and more resilient communities for the 21st century. Intensive Engagement’s work involves going door to door and engaging with the local community to help map and understand their needs. The goal is to build a stronger community that is self-sufficient and capable of self growth.


Ethos Partner Connor Bradley originally discovered Intensive Engagement in his stakeholder outreach for the Thames Valley Violence Reduction Unit. He said, “I noticed there was a significant gap in communication between a lot of like-minded organisations and local communities that lack the foundation on which they can grow. Intensive Engagement was already tackling these problems and more, using their 8 steps evidence-based approach, through which community leaders, members and local stakeholders become involved in identifying and developing new capabilities, describing new ambitions and delivering new levels of participation. Each of the steps builds towards delivering a foundation for tackling long standing challenges. The new community capability can be targeted towards reducing chronic crime, supporting individuals in high levels of deprivation, addressing vulnerabilities caused by poor health, isolation and poverty.”


The purpose of this work package was to create a tool which will help connect communities and inform local authorities about how their communities operate. This Joint Venture between Intensive Engagement (IE) and our tech team, powered by Young Leaders has resulted in a mapping tool in its simplest form which not only captures data but allows community engagement officers to instantly visualise and act on problems based upon the data provided. We believe this technology could be a game changer in the public sector as this could fill gaps that are constantly growing between what some communities need, what they hope for, what they aspire to be - and what public services can provide. This joint project highlights significant opportunities for public authorities, voluntary and community sectors (VCS). To discuss co-funding contact us: [email protected] attn: Rob Pye ref: Intensive Engagement