In 2023, Ethos will be unleashing a fantastic new programme Uncover Your Brilliance.

Programme Overview

Programme Aims
:  for participants to increase their understanding of what enables them to be at their best.  To gain a fresh perspective on life.
One with more possibilities, greater clarity and access to common sense.

Over eight one-hour sessions we will explore the fundamental principles of what makes us human: starting with the premise that we all have innate qualities that help us through life.

Sessions are designed to be fully participative. The learning is experiential, not intellectual and fun as we learn better when we’re enjoying ourselves.  This is not an exploration into the content of our thinking or our past experiences.  It is an exploration of the fact that we think, that we are designed to know when we’re off track and what helps us move back on track.  We look at the implications of this perspective in areas such as relationships, habits, resilience, labelling and creativity.

Participants say they experienced a settling down as a result of gaining this understanding.  A more peaceful state of mind where they have more clarity.  Where they are able to tune into their intuition more, enjoy life more.

Session topics

Session One: Welcome!  So what’s it all about?
Session Two: Uncover your default settings
Session Three: The Principles behind the human experience.  ‘It’s all
Sessions Four: Relationships; what makes them work
Session Five: Labels; ‘I’m not the kind of person who’
Session Six:  Uncover your innate Resilience
Session Seven: Habits; know when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em,
Session Eight:  Creativity; Uncover Your Brilliance.  What would you really like to do?

Take part: 

If you are interested in participating on a pilot to start late January 2023 then please get in touch with me, Claire Borer directly. I’m looking for approx 8 volunteers who can commit to 1 hour /week for the 8 weeks.