Launched this weekend in the town centre, the new Guildford Parking mobile app is now available to download free in the App Store and on Google Play, taking car drivers directly to the best available parking spot.

This user-friendly app, which is also available in a UK-wide version, enables drivers to

  • Know where they are going to park at their destination
  • Know how much it will cost before they leave home
  • Choose the cheapest or closest parking
  • Navigate seamlessly to their final destination
  • Receive exclusive local retail offers


GEOmii’s Guildford Parking app accesses information on 12,500 spaces in and around Guildford, including real-time space availability and cost information from 5,500 spaces on and off street.

Our app, has been designed in collaboration with the general public and local authorities and provides an end to end solution for car journeys.

Martin de Heaver, CEO of GEOmii said, “GEOmii’s new Guildford Parking app really puts the town of Guildford on the map as one of the leading ‘Smart Cities’ in Europe.  We’d love people to try it out and let us know what they think.  Email us at [email protected]”.

Cllr Matt Furniss, Deputy Leader of Guildford Council and Lead Councillor for Infrastructure and Governance says: “We’re delighted that Guildford has been chosen as one of the first to launch this innovative new app. Using up-to-the-minute technology will help make it easy to find a parking space when visiting Guildford this Christmas.”



GEOmii is an urban intelligence specialist with experience of designing and deploying city scale solutions for parking, footfall and active mobility. We have developed a platform that provides current and future parking space availability data, which helps drivers via an app find the most appropriate parking space. The first implementation is in the UK at local, regional and national scale, where we currently provide data on 200,000+ spaces and plan to cover all major population centres. We aim to be the dominant provider of real time parking data in the EU.

This data is collected and processed by our platform from a wide range of sources, including legacy local authority car park systems, individual space sensors, and our own pioneering vehicle based parking space detection vehicles. The data is then fed into existing satnav to direct car drivers straight to the available parking spaces.

In addition to a city-scale demonstrator in Guilford, Surrey, the first of its kind in the UK, we have integrated a footfall monitoring system across Guildford town centre, providing one of the most comprehensive monitoring solutions in the UK. Data is provided to 468 local retailers, the Business Improvement District and local authority to help them understand, optimise and hence revitalise the ‘high street offer’.

The project in Guildford is a collaborative venture between Guildford Borough Council, Surrey County Council, Experience Guildford and GEOmii, a wholly owned subsidiary of EthosVO, an innovative network of social entrepreneurs.



Martin de Heaver, CEO, [email protected]