Ethos is pleased to announce that four members of the leadership team at GeppettoAvatars, CEO and Co-Founder Norrie Daroga, Creator and Co-Founder Mark Stephen Meadows, Innovation and Product Development lead, Nardo Manoloto and EVP of Business Development Diane Zuckerman have all joined Ethos as Partners.

GeppettoAvatars is an enterprising  and socially aware US technology company, which has been doing some highly innovative, applied research into software that uses ‘intelligent’ Avatars that can, amongst other things, read Emotional Intelligence (EI).

GeppettoAvatars“We’re the only integrated platform in the industry that combines 3D animation, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, sound and image analysis to provide avatars capable of listening, having contextual conversations and responding with gestures….and always with a heart.

What’s more, our capture and analysis of semantic data as well as facial expressions, gestures and vocal tone, increases the value of each avatar through the interactions they foster.”

Initial application will be in the Healthcare sector, where the Avatars are already demonstrating that they can significantly enhance the current service provided in Triage and during the aftercare stage, post diagnosis and prescription.

This will be of considerable benefit in the UK, where GeppettoAvatars have agreed in principle to licence Ethos to co-ordinate a pilot of the capability.  The challenges facing the NHS with an ageing population and increasing budgetary pressure are well known and innovation such as this will be essential to ease that strain and help efforts to bring social and health care closer together.