Claire Borer
We are delighted to announce the recent joining of EthosVO to the Wellbeing Economy Alliance (WEAll) - a collaboration of organisations and alliances working towards a wellbeing economy. Ethos is a part of this movement of millions of individuals of all ages and from all walks of life acting at local, national and global levels.


Our belief is work with a purpose redefines growth and that economic growth is not a sufficient indicator of the health of an economy. We therefore support WeAll’s strategic aim to redesign economies around the world to prioritise human and ecological well being above purely financial measures that drive unlimited growth - measures that have resulted in huge inequality and environmental destruction. The WEAll alliance is a systems change project that seeks to build a power base to change the world by “co-creating new, powerful narratives of hope” This resonates with our Young Leaders project in that it’s driven by person to person communication - not corporate marketing.Sarah Fay researched and found Jimmy Paul, the Director of WEAll Scotland and reached out to him to offer to build an alliance.

She says:

"We shared many interesting conversations about each other's work and found a great deal of alignment between our two organisations. We both want to see a world that focuses more on wellbeing and people. Ethos has joined the WEAll network to form new collaborations and connect with other organisations that share our values."


Since 2020, we’ve been employing young people on a Basic Income which allows them to survive while exploring their passions and talents on our Ethos work platform. They are supported by mentors and a wellbeing community of practice while they are encouraged to find meaningful ways to develop their skills and talents in supporting workplace wellbeing and sustainability projects. This concept of basic income supports the WEAll theory of change: that every human deserves to live in basic comfort, safety and happiness. By sharing the personal stories of our Young Leaders, case studies of their work packages and the social impact stories of our project leaders, we hope to build new alliances with our partners via the WeAll network. Our nearest hub is Scotland which is lighting the way in the UK towards national wellbeing governance.