Adrian Ulisse of Ethos Smart invited to join UK’s Smart City Forum

Ethos Smart, the ‘smart cities’ division of Ethos Valuable Outcomes Ltd, has been invited to join the new Department of Business, Innovation and Skills’ Smart City Forum, which is bringing together Government, cities, businesses and universities to ensure that the UK is leading the global race in developing ‘smarter’ cities.

The Smart Cities Forum meets for the first time today and will develop plans to support the creation of ‘smarter’ cities in the UK. Smart cities have many benefits, including creating the right environment for the more efficient transportation of goods, allowing local authorities to improve public health services significantly and also in providing the public with access to real time data, so they can plan their daily activities more effectively.

The forum is being co-chaired by Universities and Science Minister, David Willetts and Cities Minister, Greg Clark.

The Forum is a key part of the Information Economy Strategy. Published earlier this year, the strategy involves Government and Industry working together to support a digital sector that now employs around 1.5 million people in the UK.

Ethos Smart –

Ethos Smart

Department for Business, Innovation & Skills –



Ethos Smart, part of the Ethos VO Group, is a global problem-solving network of partners and associates who create, facilitate and implement problem-solving initiatives, products and services in the smart city sector. For more information please contact [email protected]


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