Ethos Future Cities has developed an Active Mobility system to make congested urban spaces shared between pedestrians and cyclist safer for all.

Working with Royal Borough of Greenwich, Transport for London and Reveal Systems we have developed a computer vision based system to analyse bike and pedestrian movement/speed/numbers in busy urban areas and to display a range of messages intended to encourage appropriate behaviour.

The system is intended to help maximise the use and safety of areas such as tunnels, underpasses and street junctions shared by pedestrians and cyclists.  The system has been installed in both the Greenwich and Woolwich foot tunnels under the river Thames in London.  Both tunnels are critical links between north and south London, and provide one of the few ways for full size bikes to cross the river at peak times.

This weekend is the London Marathon passes through historic Greenwich, and the Thames tunnel will carry record numbers of pedestrians and bikes.  The Ethos system will be monitoring the tunnel, and be really put through its paces.