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Zoe Metcalfe

Zoe co-founded ‘Ethos Wilder’ in May 2021, with a mission to fund and enable, with partners, the regeneration of natural environments at scale to create thriving ecosystems, enhanced biodiversity and sustainable communities for wildlife and people. ‘We have a bold ambition and wild ideas to mitigate the impacts of climate change and disharmony between people and nature’. Zoe recognises that ‘nature’s well-being is fundamental to our own health,’ and values the importance of leveling up access to green space for everyone. As an innovator, she is passionate about humanistic design excellence and the generation of inclusive growth and sustainable cohesive communities. As a designer Zoe is interested in bio mimic architecture and biophilic design, collaborating with scientists, artists and engineers. Drawing on 25 years in Architecture, Engineering and consultancy most recently as a Group Director with Ove Arup in the South West Region, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Currently she is a Business member of the West of England Combined Authority LEP Board and Chair of the South West regional advisory Board for the National Trust. Her recent publications include ‘Visible communities, examining data-bias in the housing lifecycle', and ‘Futureproofing finance’, accelerating your response to the climate emergency. She is a keen gardener, walker and cyclist.