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Michael Davis-Marks

Mike Davis-Marks has over 40 years experience providing leadership to small and large teams in challenging circumstances. Graduating in Systems and Management at City University in 1981, he has an intuitive understanding of the systems approach and a good grasp of sociology and the social sciences. Joining Ethos in 2012 as one of the early founding team, he has responsibility for the Skills business area, but like most Ethos Partners is involved in many other aspects of the Company. Prior to 2012, Mike enjoyed a 36 year career in the Royal Navy as a submarine commander, served in 7 submarines and 5 surface ships in a variety of leadership roles and in a number of challenging circumstances, including surfacing at the North Pole (twice). as well as a wide range of broader assignments such as the Director of Recruiting and the Director of Public Relations. Outside of his successful naval career, he has become a qualified executive coach and neuro-linguistic programme (NLP) practitioner. Based in Portsmouth, Hampshire, he is also the Ethos ‘Go To’ person for bringing disparate organisations together to collaborate on projects.