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Ines Osh

Across the globe, we are witness to a mental health crisis that cannot be ignored; scarce of us untouched by it. At 23, I certainly have been, and I know that many of my peers resonate with this. Young people are beginning to disavow the rigid doctrines of Capitalist tradition and are searching for ways we might begin to live differently. These conditions are making us unwell. What happens when we peel back Capitalistic internalisations? How might we foster new environments that see not to exploit us, but to wildly energise us? Whilst there is much more that inspires me, I feel these questions are at the root of my passions across disciplines, and that living creatively and experimentally can play a key role in addressing them both in and out of the workplace. I hope that in joining Ethos as a Young Leader I can develop skills in an array of areas, tackling varied social issues in imaginative ways with these focuses in mind. I am enlivened by Ethos' energising and empathetic approach!

Fresh from The University of Sussex with:

BA in English and Film

MA in Modern and Contemporary Literature, Culture and Thought

Interests include:

Wild water swimming, writing, reading, watching + creating, post-colonial theory, music + nattering