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Ines Da-Silva

Graduated from Lancaster University back in 2019 with a BSc in Biological Sciences. I'm am currently invested in supporting the marketing/public engagement aspect of Noggin and Linda Walls Community Cohesion project (name change impending) to encourage local young people in getting involve in sporting activities. The aim of the project is to aid reduction of anti-social behaviour by giving young people opportunities to build friendships, a sense of purpose and responsibility; thus hopefully redistribute police efforts to focus elsewhere.

With Noggin, I am learning to develop engaging narrative surrounding data while weaving into these stories how Noggin and the property app can play into them.

With the Community Cohesion project (again, name change impending), I am helping to develop the business model with a focus on roping in sponsors to support the project in order to promote a more sustainable funding model that does not rely solely on government funds.

Business aside, in my down time I love to do: arts and crafts, amassing knowledge, being active, volunteering at MUD market gardens and general tomfoolery.