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Elyse Moore

After completing my A-levels I felt a bit lost in terms of what pathway I wanted to take next, especially due to covid, the idea of university became very overwhelming. I decided to opt out of uni and planned to stay in my retail job for the foreseeable, however I unfortunately lost that job due to the pandemic and found myself on universal credit where I was introduced to Ethos. Since starting at Ethos I’ve met so many amazing people and have been able to do so many amazing things. I have a real passion for journalism and creative writing which I’ve really be able to explore within Ethos. I am also interested in the world of social media and marketing which I’m now being able to delve a little deeper into. One of my main asks out of my career is the ability to do meaningful work in which I can make a difference and within my short time at Ethos so far I already feel like I’m a part of something potentially life changing!