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Dilan Kaygisiz

Hi there!

Having recently joined Ethos I'm excited to be surrounded by, working with, and learning from our community of incredible social entrepreneurs who share similar values and vision as me. I'll be starting by supporting our venture Sardines Digital Engagement with its outreach needs and then will see where the tide takes me thanks to our Value Exchange Dynamic 😉

I'm Bristol-based and just coming to the end of my gap year to hopefully be studying at the newly founded London Interdisciplinary School for a BASc in Interdisciplinary Problems and Methods this September. This basically means I'll be looking at complex problems in society and at ways of solving them without the boundaries of a specific discipline - essentially what we're doing at Ethos!

Being so curious and enthusiastic I've built knowledge and skills from a variety of experiences like being the managing director of a Young Enterprise company or gaining a fully accredited coaching certificate by the Association for Coaching so I hope to utilise these for good at Ethos.

I really enjoy meeting new people & discussing ideas so feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn 🙂