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Bill Skelly

I believe that people should be happy and healthy. I spent 31 years as a police officer trying my best to keep people safe and to support the wellbeing of those around me. I have moved into a new stage of my life and I believe that I can make a difference by being an agent of positive change for organisations; the people in them; the people they provide a service to; and the communities we live in, large and small.

I see happiness as being a combination of emotional and spiritual wellbeing (spiritual in the non-denominational sense of “purpose”); and health as being a combination of psychological and physical wellbeing. Total wellness is the balanced sum of these four elements and I believe I can help people to better achieve this in their life. I am not a personal coach! But I can see the long-term and I have found that my experience, training and natural abilities lend themselves to influencing in strategic settings. I have exhibited drive and patience to move reluctant mountains (if only by a short distance on some occasions).

The world is filled with too many pressures to make bad choices and too few opportunities to make better ones. I would like to see this change and be part of the vision that brings it about for as many people as possible.