I thought my Wonder Woman T shirt was a great purchase and I could hide it under my uniform, but after I was diagnosed with PTSD I realised she was no more than a silver screen fantasy. We are all human, with real emotions and limits and nobody knows what lies around the corner. My ill health was not all to do with my 28 year policing career, but things had to change. Today I take solace in the fact that so many senior Police Officers are now speaking up about mental health. It really is okay not to be OK.

Looking for a more healthy work life balance is a good thing, there is always another way. I needed to step back and give myself permission to do something a little radical and completely different and put my “life work“ balance first.

I now find myself here and Ethos is completely different. There is no job description. The focus is on the individual, their skills and what they can bring to a Work Live Well environment where value exchange is key.  I am now in a space where thinking time and creativity is the norm and how refreshing that is after working in a hierarchical culture for so long. Are you fed up with trying to fill the cracks, using sticky plasters because that is what you have always had to do? Stop, look and learn on how to change the way you work. If this seems interesting get in touch – [email protected]