Ethos has been exploring and pushing the boundaries of this exciting space for over two decades. We are always on the lookout for forward-thinking individuals who are committed to pursuing the change they wish to see in the world. Individuals who, through their work with others, share our values and beliefs of collaboration, trust and moderation.

Gavin Thomas recently joined Ethos and wrote a fantastic blog about his journey so far …  ‘Since I left the Police service and have joined EthosVO, and have had the chance to reflect and look back, I cannot help feeling that like Policing there are many organisations that for many of its functions and people can radically change and empower their people to work differently, achieve both a work life balance, be happier and contribute more to the organisation and in the context of policing the public as a whole.’

think about things differently


  • Annabelle Lambert

    One person, two areas of interest: Being the best mother I can and staying sane by working with Ethos as we try to build the future of work