Kath Martsch

Co-steward, Vivero

A recovering Climate Activist. Here to remind Humanity that We Are Nature.

Vivero is a community-directed giving trust for regeneration that supports land stewardship and enables communities focused on repairing degraded land, restoring soil, cultivating habitat, and creating food capacity to connect, collaborate, share knowledge, and grow. 

As a transparent, community-driven finance platform, Vivero allows communities to allocate diverse resources to projects, people, and processes that contribute to the health and well-being of ecosystems within a specific bioregion. Incubated within the former Earth Regenerators community and now fiscally sponsored by the Sustainable Futures Institute, Vivero emphasizes collaborative decision-making and recognizes the importance of non-financial contributions alongside financial resources, using Commons Management principles as a guiding framework.

Originating from the vision of a gift economy ecosystem, Vivero has evolved from a simple idea of offering ways for members of a community of interest to donate to a common fund and collectively decide on its distribution to initiatives like land stewardship projects, accessible to people worldwide. Over the past two years, Vivero has supported Giving Rounds in both digital and on-the-ground capacities, helping more than 12 projects and people across the globe who are dedicated to restoring and preserving the environment.

The core purpose of Vivero has remained unchanged for over two years: to provide vital capacity for communities to self-determine the reciprocal flow of multiple forms of financial and non-financial resources into and within a community. Vivero’s key values include generosity, gratitude, and transparency, and the initiative continues to learn and support the co-creation of community-based governance structures that care for the Earth and the well-being of all life on a planetary level.