If you are interested in our approach to work, and you share our values, there are a number of ways you or your organisation can be part of our journey going forwards.

Network Stars


Bring us an idea

  • If you or your organisation needs help and you are passionate and committed to driving change then contact Robert Pye. We really want to hear from you!

Invest in the future of work

  • If you fully embrace what we say about an empowered work future for everyone and if you or your organisation could partner or invest in our mission to improve the working lives of 1 million people in the next five years then please contact us

Work with Ethos

  • Become an Ethos Partner. We do not have employees, just partners (John Lewis model) – and we are always looking for new individuals and organisations to work with.
  • Whether it’s full or part time, or project-based, Ethos Partners come in all shapes and sizes, from ex-Army Generals and big four senior consultants, to information architects and retail specialists. We all own shares in the company and agree individual ‘value exchange documents’ when we join, which enable us to have almost total flexibility in terms of when, where and how we work.
  • We do sometimes advertise particular vacancies – such as marketing, financial, personnel, admin and IT. – but most Partners join through introduction or via existing partner recommendation. If you like the sound of us, then why not find out more by coming along to one of our First Wednesday socials, or contact Annabelle Lambert.
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