Leadership & Employee Engagement

There’s a big difference between leadership and management.  Good leadership isn’t about telling people what to do, it’s about inspiring and motivating people, utilising their unique talents and bringing out the best in them.  With approximately 71% of employees reporting that they don’t feel engaged at work, there clearly isn’t enough good leadership to go round. Furthermore, the world of work is changing. People are moving away from traditional command and control models and rigid hierarchies, and favouring a more flexible workplace, where individuals are more central to the business, and are better aligned around a shared purpose.

The ability to work flexibly is often valued very highly, more than salary, and empowered, engaged employees in today’s world of work increasingly have more control over their work life balance and choices in terms of how, when and where they want to work.

Ethos is at forefront of this emerging Future of Work – we don’t inhabit a bricks and mortar office, we’re employee owned and non-hierarchical, with over 80% of partners working part-time, 100% flexibly, at a place of their choosing, and everyone owns a unique value exchange agreement that enables them to spend their time doing what they are most passionate about.

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