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Geoff Revill

Passionate about cyber engagement, especially privacy and trust frameworks, cyber security tech, the IoT & semantic data architecture

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by Geoff Revill, 25 May 2017

In a world where digital and real-life are every more closely entwined, what is a better Internet? Simply put, it’s a place I can go and trust that I can lead a digital life that is as free as my real life is. However our digital freedoms, and consequentially our real world freedoms, are undermined…

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by Geoff Revill, 11 Oct 2016

Ethos culture seeks to drive three key values in all it does; Trust, Moderation and Collaboration. We also believe strongly that individuals should be empowered with control over their own data. Almost all our deliverables in projects are digital or substantially so, so how do we map these values into a digital implementation? Particularly in the…

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by Geoff Revill, 23 Mar 2016

The commercial pressure is huge to take the easy option in the digital economy; to seek (un)informed consent to use personal data and meta-data from a populace that is not as tech savvy as engineers or as data savvy as business development managers. Everyone else does it, so why not us? This event: Privacy: The…

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